New Corporations and Operating Agreements

At Access Financial Network, we understand that establishing a business is often a significant hurdle for those venturing into entrepreneurship. Our New Corporations and Operating Agreements service provides a reliable and secure avenue to business success, regardless of the state of registration.

New Corporations

If you’re contemplating how to establish a business in Florida, or any other state within the U.S., our comprehensive service is designed to guide you through the process:


Complimentary Consultation

We offer free guidance to help you select the most suitable type of business entity, taking into account factors such as the number of partners or members, tax implications, and business structure.


Securing your EIN

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a crucial requirement for your business entity in Florida or in any state you select for its operation. We prepare and organize the necessary documentation to obtain the EIN for your newly established business at the IRS.


Employer Registration and EFTPS

We’re not just about helping others gain new employment opportunities with your business, we also assist in obtaining your State Unemployment ID (SUI) and calculating your tax obligations with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

Name Search

Have you already thought of a name for your company? We take the initiative to ensure this name is not already in use and that it fulfills all legal prerequisites to establish a strong brand identity.


LLC/CORP Registration

Our team handles all administrative procedures and necessary documentation for your new business in Florida or in any other state of your choosing, adhering to all state regulations to keep you clear of bureaucratic concerns

Operating Agreements in Florida or other states

Beyond setting up your business, it’s of great importance to create a clear and sturdy Operating Agreement from the very outset.


What is an Operating Agreement and why is it important?

An Operating Agreement is a legal contract among the owners of the company that defines the rights, responsibilities, and benefits of each partner. A well-drafted Operating Agreement is key to ensuring the smooth operation of your company, preventing misunderstandings and potential disputes down the line. We’re here to draft it for you, ensuring all facets of your business are suitably addressed.

At Access Financial Network, your success is our success. We encourage you to get in touch and discover how we can assist in starting your business in Florida and crafting a firm and efficient Operating Agreement.